Monday, March 30, 2009


He is frail but his mind is sharp, they sit together in the living room as they have for 67 years and talk about their children, they have two, and their 5 grandchildren. He was a carpenter and its frustrating for him that he has to sit, to use a walker, to worry about falling again. She takes care of his every need and after all this time, he is still complimentary about her. He says "she is a wonderful housekeeper, a fabulous mother, I don't know what I'd do without her." She smiles and nods, she pats his leg and he looks at her with deep affection. I sit there and hope that someday I will do the same thing with my husband, sit on the couch and hold hands, that I will feel the same gratitude that these two feel for each other, the total acceptance of each others triumphs and failings and admiration towards each other after all those years. That is committment, that is love, and it is beautiful.