Saturday, April 16, 2011


Someone died today, someone young and vibrant, Someone with a child, a child who will never be the same without her mother. Her coworkers carry on without her, putting on their tough faces, hugging each other, voicing remembrances, trying to figure out who has known her the longest. They meet together and the tears flow, "I just found out this morning" or "I knew she was sick but....." or " I didn't know she was sick at all....its such a shock." They huddle together and the voice is the same, "it isn't fair". Which of course, it's not. Not at all. Its never fair when it's someone so young, when it's someone so beautiful, someone with a young child, someone so capable, so caring, so, so many things. Its not fair even when someone isn't any of those things, because death doesn't discriminate, it scoops up each person when the time is right, or when it doesn't seem right, or when it seems so very wrong. Someone died today, someone young and vibrant, caring about her family and friends until her last breath, Not wanting to trouble them with the pain of her disease. She died, and she is no longer suffering, which is fair, which is right, because there is no more pain. She has left a hole but a hole that is being filled with memories, stories, pictures, and tears as each hour passes, a hole that will overflow with a celebration of her life.