Friday, March 15, 2013

Suspending Belief

Because I do not know from what lens you are experiencing life, I cannot believe or disbelieve the stories you tell me.
I cannot judge you, I can empathize, but with the understanding of the human experience, not necessarily because everything that is said is exactly what happened.
And really, the truth doesn't ultimately matter, because only you know what happened, what is going on now, what will happen, and who is responsible.
All I can do is listen, and hear your experience and it's impact, and get you to the next level of where you are going with the feeling that you are understood by someone, at least for a time.
Is the system just, equal and fair?  No.  It is punitive, biased, bigoted and focused on those that have the least to lose and the least resources to get it back. 
What I know is your story as you tell it, what I know is the life I see you have lived in the depth of your eyes, the scars on your skin, the smell of your clothes, and the soul that I think I see and know that you know I hear you, I have listened and find worth in your experience. 


CWM said...

To empathize, even for a moment in time, may feel that the moment is in a vacuum, but to bring hope to a troubled soul by being human and open to humanity is a gift to the one who receives.

plain human said...

After consulting with you, Can those in prison get psychological therapy upon your referal? Or are they limited to social workers?